An old story submitted

I had a brief spurt of writing a few weeks ago and, during this, I went through some older stories that I thought might be worth tarting up and sending off.

Well one has been accepted. It’s my usual genre, nice and short. The lovely people at Postcard Shorts accepted it. It’s called “The Village Shop“.



A brief interlude to my absence

I seem to be doing a heck of a lot of things these days. As much as writing is part of that, it’s not fiction writing unfortunately.

I did write a little thing for the Bristol Astronomical Society about the eclipse event we held in Bristol the other week.

You can find the article here: Link

I’m back! Or am I…?

Well it’s been a long time since I actually had anything published and I have to admit it is from a severe lack of trying. I’ve written a few flashes for the WriteWords challenges, but I’ve made no attempt to polish them up and give them a home. I blame life, generally, just for getting in the way.

However, I decided one of my stories got such a reaction, I couldn’t just leave it tucked away on my harddrive. So I gave it a tweak and sent it on its way. The wonderful people at Microhorror offered it a home.

I hope to carry on the trend, but I’m not sure I’ll have the time at the moment. I’ll try and blog more, but it probably won’t be about successful stories.

Anyway, the story is called Birthday Present and can be found here.


Wow, have I really not posted since May? I’ve been a bit sluggish this summer. It all seemed to slip by far too quickly. I blame the weather. I’ve written a few stories but haven’t proof read them and certainly haven’t sent any off anywhere. I have 6 or 7 that need a home.
I have, however, read a few books this summer. I’ve never written a review of a book and I don’t intend to start right now, so I’ll just write a small summary of each, mainly around why I decided to read them.

Fifty Shade of Grey by E.L. James – the ladies at work told me I had to read this. Suffice to say I didn’t read the second or third in the trilogy. I was destined not to like them as I didn’t like Twilight either.

I did also read Lighter Shades of Grey by Cassandra Parkin. You need to have read the book to understand the jokes but it’s very funny.

Doctor Who and the Daleks – David Whitaker

Doctor Who and the Crusaders – David Whitaker

Doctor Who and the Cybermen – Gerry Davis

Doctor Who and the Abominable Snowmen – Terrance Dicks

From those you can guess I’m a Doctor Who fan. My brother bought me a set of Doctor Who books for Christmas last year and I’ve been working through them. It’s very different to the pace of the new TV series and you certainly get more of a sense of The Doctor being methodical and careful in his approach and reasoning. The writing also feels old fashioned, even though it’s only really 30-40 years old. They are good fun to read.

A Perfect Blood by Kim Harrison – I love this series of books. I’ve been hooked since I read my first one (which was annoyingly the fifth in the series, as I didn’t realise at the time it was a series). The leading lady, or witch, is sassy, strong willed and screws up a lot, making the character very believable and hard to dislike. I also enjoyed the use of the word “pwned” in the last book, a word my boyfriend over-used for several years!

In September, my boyfriend bought me a Kindle from America. The last two books I read were both Kindle formats.

Find Emily by JJ Toner – a novella by a fellow writewords member, I had to read this and found myself unable to stop. It’s a gritty novel about a girl who’s kidnapped and the jaded cop who’s assigned to find her. Even though it’s not a full-sized novel, the ending is in no way rushed and you really feel you get to know the characters.

The Day the Waves Went on Strike by Tim Coombs – so it turns out everyone’s a buddy author. This is a childrens story written by a man I work with. It’s cute, warm and with a serious message. The illustrations are quite funny too.

On a more personal, positive and looking into the future note, The Short Humour Site have asked that they include one of my stories into their forth anthology – People of Few Words – Volume 4. Their previous three volumes are available to buy and links can be found on their website. Other Writeword members will have their stories included, including Sandra Crook, David Harker and Sheila Cornelius.

I think that’s all so far, I’ll hopefully have more to blog about soon!



Another story published today and again it was at Microhorror.

The story is based on a true life experience. A few weeks ago, there was a bird waking me up around 6am every morning with an annoying song. Unlike the one in the story, this song was not sweet and lovely, it was off-key and grating. One night I dreamt that it flew down and landed on my hand, digging its claws in so hard it couldn’t fly away again.

The next day I wrote this story. A few days later the bird stopped singing outside my bedroom window.I presume it finally accomplished what it was singing for and is doing something else with its life now – maybe a backing vocalist for someone.


Anyway, the story is called “Ma Petite Piaf” and can be found here.