Oh the Horror of it all

Hello all,

Another one published! Again, it’s another horror – I think a trend is being revealed. It’s strange really because I hate watching horror films.

The story is up at Microhorror, which is rapidly becoming my favourite website.

The story is called Teacher Knows Best.


Just a little back story for those interested. This story went through three stages of evolution: ‘Absolute Rubbish’, ‘Better But I Can Do More’ and ‘That’s More Like It’. Annoyingly I put the “Absolute Rubbish’ version up on WriteWords because I rushed it. I learnt a lesson that day – when you write a story, leave it overnight, then read it again. If you don’t understand what you’ve written, throw it out.

That lesson goes second in my list, below “Don’t write when steaming drunk.”

Anyway, enjoy the story.


One thought on “Oh the Horror of it all

  1. You have interesting links on writing I hope to follow up on when I have the time! Just stumbled upon your blog through a search of astronomy posts in between taking care of my kids. I’ll be back 🙂

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