Analysis on the emotion that is “arrghh”

Well, less of an analysis and more of a small writing related incident that had me saying “arrghh” by the end of it.

Last week, it was my birthday. For several days beforehand, and on the day itself, I received many cards through the post. It was lovely and I enjoyed reading them all and putting on on display on the living room table. The day after my birthday I received one of those Royal Mail slips, which said “Unfortunately we can’t deliver your item because there’s a fee to pay”. Ooooh, someones sent me a pressie in the post, I thought.

I finally get round to paying the bill on-line and, a couple of days later, the letter arrives. The hand-writing is mine. My heart sinks a little – it’s a response to a short story I sent out before Christmas. Still, I’ve never had an acceptance, maybe this really is a delayed birthday present.

I force myself to think that until I open it and read the rejection letter. This is the point I’m saying “arrgghh”.

I had got my hopes up on two counts. Firstly, I think it’s the best short story I’ve written to date, which means I’m still nowhere near good enough. Secondly, I thought I was going to get an exciting and lovely birthday present only to find I’m £1.22 out of pocket and back to square one with my dreams of writing at least one sellable short story.

Still, it could be worse. I’m not 30… yet…