Postcard Shorts

I recently found a wonderful little website called Postcard Shorts . A few members of WriteWords have had their stories successfully published there.

I had my first this week. A story called “Cabin Fever” that I wrote for a Flash Fiction challenge, on WriteWords. Most of my successes have been from those challenges and I’m so very grateful for all the support I receive from the guys there.

A link to the story can be found here


A breakthrough!

Finally, after several attempts, Bewildering Stories accepted a flash of mine.

I feel I’ve really broken though a barrier with this, as I know the stories they publish are always of a very high quality.

I was pulled back down to earth by having two other stories rejected elsewhere, soon afterwards, so I know I’m not there yet. But at least I know that, every now and again, something I write is actually quite good. Now I just need to learn how to maintain that level.


Story link here

Dark Fiction

I think I’m starting to like writing horror and darker fiction. I find it more interesting to get into the mind of someone doing something bad, or even just thinking of doing something bad. Whether logical or illogical, there’s always some reason why and it’s a lovely challenged to try and get behind that.

That’s why I wrote the story linked below. Why would a family man do something so terrible, so suddenly? What exactly does go on behind some closed doors?

I hope you enjoy the story.

Best Laid Plans