I’m back! Or am I…?

Well it’s been a long time since I actually had anything published and I have to admit it is from a severe lack of trying. I’ve written a few flashes for the WriteWords challenges, but I’ve made no attempt to polish them up and give them a home. I blame life, generally, just for getting in the way.

However, I decided one of my stories got such a reaction, I couldn’t just leave it tucked away on my harddrive. So I gave it a tweak and sent it on its way. The wonderful people at Microhorror offered it a home.

I hope to carry on the trend, but I’m not sure I’ll have the time at the moment. I’ll try and blog more, but it probably won’t be about successful stories.

Anyway, the story is called Birthday Present and can be found here.




Another story published today and again it was at Microhorror.

The story is based on a true life experience. A few weeks ago, there was a bird waking me up around 6am every morning with an annoying song. Unlike the one in the story, this song was not sweet and lovely, it was off-key and grating. One night I dreamt that it flew down and landed on my hand, digging its claws in so hard it couldn’t fly away again.

The next day I wrote this story. A few days later the bird stopped singing outside my bedroom window.I presume it finally accomplished what it was singing for and is doing something else with its life now – maybe a backing vocalist for someone.


Anyway, the story is called “Ma Petite Piaf” and can be found here.

Oh the Horror of it all

Hello all,

Another one published! Again, it’s another horror – I think a trend is being revealed. It’s strange really because I hate watching horror films.

The story is up at Microhorror, which is rapidly becoming my favourite website.

The story is called Teacher Knows Best.


Just a little back story for those interested. This story went through three stages of evolution: ‘Absolute Rubbish’, ‘Better But I Can Do More’ and ‘That’s More Like It’. Annoyingly I put the “Absolute Rubbish’ version up on WriteWords because I rushed it. I learnt a lesson that day – when you write a story, leave it overnight, then read it again. If you don’t understand what you’ve written, throw it out.

That lesson goes second in my list, below “Don’t write when steaming drunk.”

Anyway, enjoy the story.

Microhorror 100 word competition

A competition was held recently, at Microhorror. The challenge – to write a horror exactly 100 words long (no more, no less). I submitted three stories. The competition ended a week ago.

All three stories are up on their website. The winner hasn’t been chosen yet, but there are many very good stories up, all of which can be found on their website. Several are from Writewords members, which is excellent to see.

My stories are:

Finding Happiness

What’s in a name?

Beauty is skin deep

Happy reading!