5 Minute Fiction

Another story has been successfully accepted, this time on a site called 5 Minute Fiction.

The guys there were quick to respond and currently offer a £10 Amazon gift voucher for stories published. That makes this story officially the first one I’ve been paid for, which is splendid. Other members of WriteWords have had stories published there, which is how I heard about the site.


The story is called “Opposites Attract” and is quite a sad one.


Another Short Humourous One

I’ve been feeling rather dry recently, having written very little and, therefore, had even less accepted. I’m not sure if I’ve been distracted or I’m getting bored of it already. That’s the problem with me. In the wake of my life lies the tattered remains of hobbies I’ve tried then discarded when bored.

I was politely told by my other half it’s because I give up on them when they become slightly difficult. He’s probably right too, I tend to give up if I don’t miraculously become an expert in them overnight.

So when I had the following story accepted so quickly, it really put the wind back in my sails. It was written last minute, for a WriteWords flash fiction challenge and after some positive comments, I sent it off to Short Humour.

The story is called Loving Family. Enjoy


Microhorror 100 word competition

A competition was held recently, at Microhorror. The challenge – to write a horror exactly 100 words long (no more, no less). I submitted three stories. The competition ended a week ago.

All three stories are up on their website. The winner hasn’t been chosen yet, but there are many very good stories up, all of which can be found on their website. Several are from Writewords members, which is excellent to see.

My stories are:

Finding Happiness

What’s in a name?

Beauty is skin deep

Happy reading!