Bristol Astronomical Society 70th Anniversary

So, being on the committee of the local astronomy society has some perks. I got to help organise the 70th anniversary dinner. I also go to take lots of pictures and write a report about it.

The report is on the society’s website and can be found here.



I’m back! Or am I…?

Well it’s been a long time since I actually had anything published and I have to admit it is from a severe lack of trying. I’ve written a few flashes for the WriteWords challenges, but I’ve made no attempt to polish them up and give them a home. I blame life, generally, just for getting in the way.

However, I decided one of my stories got such a reaction, I couldn’t just leave it tucked away on my harddrive. So I gave it a tweak and sent it on its way. The wonderful people at Microhorror offered it a home.

I hope to carry on the trend, but I’m not sure I’ll have the time at the moment. I’ll try and blog more, but it probably won’t be about successful stories.

Anyway, the story is called Birthday Present and can be found here.