The latest Story

I’ve had another story published today, this time in The Short Humour. It’s the first piece I’ve submitted there so I’m really glad they accepted it. I had a very quick response too, which was great.

Many thanks to WriteWords member Sandra for suggesting where to send it to.

The piece can be found here


Stories Published

I’ve had a few flash fiction stories accepted already. I’ve been in The Pygmy Giant, Daily Love and Microhorror. The stories are linked below.

The Appointment

The Early-Bird Special

The Pale Green Horse

If You Sprinkle

As more are accepted, I will post links of them up. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy the stories above.

Hello world!

Everyone seems to think that if you want to get yourself “out there”, you need a blog. So I’ve decided to set one up. Having never done this before, though, I’m still very much finding my feet.

As soon as I’ve worked out how to make things look pretty around here, I’ll be posting in anger. Until then, watch this space!!