Analysis on the emotion that is “arrghh”

Well, less of an analysis and more of a small writing related incident that had me saying “arrghh” by the end of it.

Last week, it was my birthday. For several days beforehand, and on the day itself, I received many cards through the post. It was lovely and I enjoyed reading them all and putting on on display on the living room table. The day after my birthday I received one of those Royal Mail slips, which said “Unfortunately we can’t deliver your item because there’s a fee to pay”. Ooooh, someones sent me a pressie in the post, I thought.

I finally get round to paying the bill on-line and, a couple of days later, the letter arrives. The hand-writing is mine. My heart sinks a little – it’s a response to a short story I sent out before Christmas. Still, I’ve never had an acceptance, maybe this really is a delayed birthday present.

I force myself to think that until I open it and read the rejection letter. This is the point I’m saying “arrgghh”.

I had got my hopes up on two counts. Firstly, I think it’s the best short story I’ve written to date, which means I’m still nowhere near good enough. Secondly, I thought I was going to get an exciting and lovely birthday present only to find I’m £1.22 out of pocket and back to square one with my dreams of writing at least one sellable short story.

Still, it could be worse. I’m not 30… yet…


3 thoughts on “Analysis on the emotion that is “arrghh”

  1. Fiona,

    I feel your pain…though I exceed your age by at least a decade. It can be frustrating to get those rejections in the mail. However, your assumption that you are “nowhere good enough” isn’t necessarily true. It just means not this time.

    Wishing you the best luck as you journey through the query phase.

  2. Try it somewhere else Fi. Almost all my EDF rejects found a home elsewhere, and the same with Bewildering Stories. Just because it’s not right for them doesn’t mean it’s not right for someone else.

  3. I subbed this elsewhere and got another rejection. However, the second rejection came with an explanation, so I’m planning on tweaking the story slightly and having another go.
    Thanks to both of you for the words of support.

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